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Fuller House
STUDIO:.Warner Bros. Studios.....NETWORK:.Netflix.....MINIMUM AGE:.10
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‘Fuller House’ is a Netflix original series and is a sequel to the 1987–1995 television series ‘Full House’. It centers around D.J. Tanner-Fuller, a veterinarian and widowed mother of three sons, whose sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy—along with her teenage daughter—live together at the Tanners' childhood home in San Francisco, California.


Ticketing for this show works a little differently as we distribute a limited number of "General Admission" and "Standby" tickets for each show date.    Shows currently scheduled for the next few months are listed on our website's "Future Dates" page.   A limited number of tickets for each future show are released on our website starting 30 days prior to show date.  Our website's show schedule updates by 8:30am Mon-Fri to post shows/tickets for the next 30 days.  If 30 days prior falls on a weekend, the schedule will update on Monday morning. Due to high demand and the very limited number of "General Admission" tickets that we're able to release, future dates for this show "sell out" very quickly and although all guests have an equal opportunity, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that everyone desiring to obtain tickets for a particular show date will be able to do so.

As this show is filmed at Warner Bros. Studios, individual names/tickets are required for each guest attending.

GENERAL ADMISSION:  Guests with "General Admission" tickets will be admitted before guests with "Standby" tickets providing they check in on time (no later than 90min. prior to show time) and comply with the minimum age restriction (10+).    If "General Admission" guests check in late they may be placed in the standby ticket line.   Due to other variables and factors which may be beyond our control, tickets can never guarantee admission to the studio.
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Sorry, tickets for FULLER HOUSE are NOT TRANSFERABLE and we cannot make name changes (other than to correct spelling) on tickets ordered.

Individual tickets are required for all shows filming at Warner Bros. Studios. When ordering tickets for this show, please submit a separate order (party of 1) under his or her name for each guest attending. Guests age 18+ may be asked to present a valid, government issued PHOTO ID (driver's license, passport, state ID, military).

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